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Peter Chou: HTC will launch a WP7S phone by year’s end

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02The premium Windows Mobile manufacturer, HTC, has recently turned to developing Android handsets, burying the aging Microsoft platform in the past. However, you didn’t think this means there will be no more Windows phones by the Taiwanese maker, did you? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that once the new Windows Phone 7 Series platform leaves Redmond, not only HTC but most of the smartphone makers will have their try with it.

We have already seen three of the upcoming WP7S phones, but neither of them was by HTC. However, what we now know is that HTC CEO Peter Chou has said in an interview with Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes during CTIA that the manufacturer will indeed release a Windows Phone 7 Series device by the year’s end. Hm, we wonder if there will be some kind of personalization to it, such as… a Sense interface for next-generation platforms?

In addition, the CEO has also said that the Google Nexus One is doing just fine with sales, given Google’s non-standard marketing, when asked about the claims of only 135,000 units sold during the first two months. Not that we would have believed our ears if he’s said something else.
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Firefox to stop work on Windows Mobile, will concentrate on Android and Maemo platforms

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01We recently reported that an official for Mozilla had mentioned that the Android version of the browser would be ready by the end of the year. At the same time, he mentioned that the company was unsure on how to proceed with a Windows based browser. The company didn’t know whether or not to continue further with an Alpha version for Windows Mobile, or to start over with a Windows Phone 7 browser. Now, Mozilla has reached a decision and it is not good news for Windows Mobile users. The reasoning is simple. Microsoft is putting all of its mobile chips on the new OS which uses Windows CE6 as its platform. Mozilla has been doing some work toward that platform and says it could produce an awesome browser for Windows Phone 7. The only problem is that Microsoft has decided to close off development for native applications for the upcoming software, which won’t allow Mozilla to deliver a product for it. And with the guys in Redmond focusing on Windows Phone 7, Mozilla has decided to stop work on a Windows Mobile version of Firefox. Mozilla says that hopefully there will come a time when they can deliver Firefox for Windows Phone 7, but until Microsoft allows it, Mozilla will develop the platforms they can work on which means Firefox for Android and Firefox for Maemo will be the focus for now.
source: Blog.Pavolv.Net

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