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Panasonic joining Android party in 2010, Sony Ericsson also?

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panasonic-androidIt seems like everyone wants a piece of a good thing, and given Android’s continuing rise in popularity, Panasonic is another company that is vying to throw their hat in the ring.  Keisuke Ishii, board member and director of the Mobile Terminal Business Unit at Panasonic Mobile Communications, said: “The global market for smartphones based on open source platforms including Android will reach 100 million units in three years.  We are discussing specific measures to succeed in such a large market.”

Although no specific date or plan was mentioned, Mr. Ishii indicated that Panasonic plans on entering the overseas mobile phone markets, with Android-based handset development in mind, by fiscal year 2010.  Competition breeds innovation, so welcome to the party, Panasonic, and we will keep an eye on you!

According to our sister site, phoneArena.com, Sony Ericcson’s Asia-Pacific marketing vice president Peter Ang said that the company has plans of their own for an Android-powered handset.  They plan on releasing an Android 2.0 phone in the future, but given there’s no firm date for Android 2.0, we can’t give you a firm date for Sony Ericcson’s phone, either. Take this last bit with a grain of salt in that there is no “official” announcement, but mere rumor and conjecture.

source: Tech-on, phoneArena via ePrice (translated)

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Samsung i7500 gets past the FCC with AWS

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Not too long ago, we told you that Samsung had officially confirmed that the i7500 will be the Korean manufacturer’s first Android device. The handset has just made it through the nourishing hands of the FCC and after being probed, shocked, dropped and whatever fun things the test labs do, the Feds gave the thumbs up sign. The filing for the phone mentioned AWS 3G along with the 850 and 1900 MHz EDGE bands which gives us a sign that the i7500 could be T-Mobile bound with its 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, Wi-Fi and a 5MP camera.

source: FCC via EngadgetMobile

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T-Mobile’s Wal Mart road map includes G1 v2 and brand new G2?

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The guys at BGR seem to have gotten their hands on a leaked copy of T-Mobile’s road map for Wal Mart and as far as Android developments are concerned, there is a lot going on. The G1 v2 will apparently be named after a mythical creature that some claim to have seen in the wild-the “Bigfoot” or the “Morrison” (like in Jim Morrison). The latter name is the one that appears on the road map for the updated G1 model. Right away, you can see from the photos that the handset has taken it on the chin as the fugly looking appendage to the original version is now gone. The phone is expected to get the attention of Wal Mart shoppers in October for $148 with a two year contract.

The T-Mobile G2, also known as the Sapphire, is another Android based touchscreen model expected to be on the shelf at Wal Mart this July, selling at a price of $179 with a two year pact. The T-Mobile USA version of this phone features a 5MP camera, an upgrade from the 3.2MP shooter that comes with the overseas version of the device.


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Android 1.5 arrives at T-Mobile UK today, USA next week?

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After a few false starts, the Android 1.5 OS upgrade has finally made it to the 100,000 G1 owners in the U.K. using T-Mobile. For most of them, they will receive the cupcake upgrade automatically OTA. The G1 owners in the U.S. will get their cupcake upgrade at the end of next week. It will be sent OTA in a random order.

Among the new features is a camcorder that can be activated by touching a film icon in the bottom right corner. With the new video player, you can play back whatever you just recorded as well as uploading it directly to YouTube. Still photos can now be sent to the Google owned Picasa photo sharing web site and a caption can be added to the picture. We have all by now seen the leaked picture of the virtual keyboard for the upgrade. The QWERTY board will work in conjunction with an overhauled texting platform with predictive text options.

The second Android handset, the HTC Magic, is available through Vodafone in some markets overseas and has the 1.5 upgrade on the phone right out of the box. The U.S. version of the handset is expected to be named My Touch 3G and will have the cupcake upgrade installed before being launched.

source: T-Mobile, T3 via EngadgetMobile

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Cupcake is here?

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Engadget and BGR are reporting that they have received calls on Wednesday evening from G1 owners claiming to have received the updated Android 1.5 OS, the Cupcake. As we reported, among the changes you will find is the virtual QWERTY keyboard, the ability to take videos and play them back, stereo Bluetooth and an accelerometer among other things. Details remain sketchy and we’re not sure if there is a certain order to the upgrade being sent out.

EngadgetMobile also reported that a person who works for the carrier said that T-Mobile would confirm the availability of the Cupcake upgrade for its G1 customers in the near future. Sounds like some of these cell reps have a future in politics. Here is the best way to find out if the G1 upgrade has dropped: Look for it!

If you are a G1 user on T-Mobile, let us know if you received Android OS 1.5 or not.

source: BGREngadgetMobilemore

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Motorola Calgary and IRONMAN to run on Android OS?

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In the last few days, we have seen some interesting news about the Android OS. We have seen Vodafone launch the HTC Magic in Spain and two days later announce that Germany is the next place where the Magic will be sold. As we reported, Samsung has introduced their first device to run Google’s open source OS, the I7500.

And now, according to a BGR tipster inside the company, here comes Moto throwing their hat into the Android sweepstakes with the introduction of the Calgary. While every Android device we see is introduced with the same wallpaper featuring the giant analog clock hanging on the sky, surrounded by clouds, this device is pictured with a different photo that shows the earth from what could be an orbiting satellite and while not a big deal, the change is refreshing. The interface also looks personalized. The sliding QWERTY keyboard looks unique and interesting and in no way does it resemble the one found on the G1. Back when the year was fresh, the Schaumburg, Illinois based manufacturer said that they would be focusing on Android powered devices while also concentrating on quick and easy links to social network sites. This handset is expected to feature fast access to the latter. Availability date and pricing were not mentioned although a second quarter launch has been considered likely by the tipster.

Another Moto said to run on Android is the Motorola IRONMAN (this seems to be a codename) which is a slider with a full keyboard and nice features, according to BGR. The funny thing is that the sketch shows it with a Windows Mobile interface, instead of Android, so we are not sure if it is real and what OS it will run on.

In other Motorola news, the company has scrapped two handsets; the sleek looking Flash and the Inferno flip phone will not go into production. On the other hand, the company is supposed to be working on a high-end model called Rolex (its display is pictured below) with the same form factor as the Aura and made entirely from hardened glass. No word on whether this will have a limited run like the Aura or if the Rolex will be for mass consumption.

source: BGR, more

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Is the i7500 the first Samsung Android device?

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The German web site Bild.de is reporting some information they have received about the Samsung i7500. The device, says the report, is expected to be Samsung’s first phone using Google’s open source OS and is heading for a June release for O2 in Europe. This scotches previous rumors that the S8000 would be the Korean manufacturer’s first Android release. The i7500 handset is expected to offer 3G connectivity, feature a capacitive 3.2 inch OLED touchscreen with HVGA (480×320) resolution, Wi-Fi, GPS, a 5MP camera with flash, 8GB of memory expandable with a microSD slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The smartphone will be powered by Android 1.5 which includes all the lovely goodies from the Cupcake upgrade, and is expected to be priced at 300 Euros (about $400 US). Although the pictures shows the standard Android interface known from the G1, we hope Samsung will personalize the OS. Unfortunately, there is no word on U.S. availability.

source: Bild.de (Translated) via EngadgetMobile

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Acer to introduce Android phone by the end of this year?

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acerTaiwanese computer manufacturer Acer has jumped on the cellphone business bandwagon and seems to be getting into full swing.  The company is expected to launch as many as 10 Windows Mobile phones in 2009 and while no formal announcement has been made to date, Acer’s head of mobile-phone products Aymar de Lencquesaing said it was very likely that the company would have put out an Android device by the end of 2009. There is no doubt that the globe’s third largest computer company has decided to not only make a strong statement about its wireless division, but also has the recources to back it up. Mr. de Lencquesaing went on saying that Acer also planned to become one of the world´s top 5 handset manufacturers by 2012. This is a goal that Acer might be indeed able to achieve. When the company introduced some of its Windows Mobile handsets at the MWC this February, the devices looked stylish with an abundance of of up-to-date features, meant for both the U.S. and European markets.

That doesn’t mean it will be a cakewalk for them. In an separate interview, de Lencquesaing estimated that in order to become one of the top five in handset production, his company would have to sell between 20 to 25 million devices in the region. Sounds like a lot of phones that would have to be sold and with a successful PC franchise, why even bother going into the smartphone business? The answer is that the Chairman and CEO of the company J.T.Wang believes that eventually, smartphones will replace the PCs altogether.


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Vodafone is taking pre-orders for the HTC Magic with a May 5th shipping date!

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The second Android powered device is available for pre-order now from Vodafone in Europe. And the best thing is, the phone is free as long as you sign up for a monthly plan costing 30 BP or more. The carrier expects to have the phones in the hands of those who pre-order by May 5th. The Magic is equipped with a 3.2MP camera to snap the jealous look on your pal’s faces. And you can view the pictures of their envy on the unit’s 3.2 inch touchscreen. Other parts of the feature set include GPS, HTML browser, 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi. No word on when we can expect some Magic in the States, but not too long ago we showed you the handset wearing the T-Mobile brand while getting thumbs up from the FCC, so it might not be that long before we reach into this hat and pull out the next Android phone in the U.S.

source: Vodafone via EngadgetMobile

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Sony Ericsson says there is still “time to go” before it launches an Android phone

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Sony Ericsson says it will release an Android powered cellphone, but it will take time before such a handset is launched. CEO Hideki Komiyama told Reuters that offering a device with the Google open source OS takes time for testing, evaluation and consumer acceptance. While many other cellphone manufacturers are rushing out Android backed models, Komiyama said that Sony Ericsson is focusing on how it can make units that are different than those of its competition despite sharing the same OS. That goal also applies to high-end phones that the partnership is making with Windows Mobile and Symbian software. Mr. Komiyama said that Sony Ericsson has no idea when its first Android handset will be available, but we know that there are many Sony Ericsson fans out there who just can’t wait.


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