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LG Optimus Sol is now official, shines with its Ultra AMOLED display


LG-Optimus-Sol-is-now-official-shines-with-its-Ultra-AMOLED-displayWell, this didn’t take long. The LG Optimus Sol has been made official by the Korean manufacturer only hours after we took a glimpse at its leaked press shots. We have yet another mid-range smartphone joining the Optimus lineup today packing some decent hardware under its hood and powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.

However, being a mid-range device does not mean that the LG Optimus Sol does not have a few tricks up its sleeve. It is equipped with a so-called Ultra AMOLED display, which is said to have “a two-fold advanced reflection rate compared to standard AMOLED displays” in order to reduce image quality degradation. In plain words, the 3.8-inch WVGA display on the Optimus Sol should be clear and easy to see even in bright and sunny conditions. Another feature that the smartphone brags with is its advanced power management system, which promises to boost the life of its battery by using as little juice as possible when the device is idle.

The LG Optimus Sol gets its processing power from a single-core MSM8255 chipset clocked at 1GHz. There is a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera on its back, and the front-facing shooter can come in handy when you are in the mood for a video chat with your buddies. Being 9.8 millimeters thick means that the Optimus Sol will be hardly noticeable while it is resting in your pocket, and its 7.2Mbps HSPA radio will easily get you hooked up to the 3G airwaves of your carrier of choice.

The LG Optimus Sol is scheduled for release in mid-September when it will be made available throughout Europe. Soon after its debut, the smartphone will be launched in Central and South America as well. Unfortunately, there is still no word regarding its pricing or whether it will ever set foot on US soil.

source: LG


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Target circular shows LG Thrill 4G with $79.99 price tag

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Target-circular-shows-LG-Thrill-4G-with-79.99-price-tagWe aren’t terribly shocked to see the LG Thrill 4G in the latest Target circular, priced at $79.99 with a signed 2-year contract. No, it has nothing to do with being so hardened that nothing surprises us anymore. Actually, as we reported last week, a picture of a display for the retailer showed that it planned on offering the 3D enabled handset for that price. While the circular confirms the price, the next step is to find out the launch date.

The LG Thrill 4G appears in a Target circular priced at $79.99 with a 2-year contract

The LG Thrill 4G appears in a Target circular priced at $79.99 with a 2-year contract

Originally planned for a release yesterday, the latest news on a release date that we have told you is to expect the phone to launch on September 4th. That news came from a leaked Radio Shack document that seemed to point to AT&T as the decision-maker behind the delay.

The stereoscopic handset (a fancy way of saying that you don’t need special glasses to view the 3D effect) has already toured Europe as the LG Optimus 3D. In the States, the LG Thrill 4G will hook up with AT&T’s HSPA+ network, hence the 4G in the phone’s title. Under the hood is a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP4 processor while Android 2.2 runs the show. 512MB of RAM is aboard while the dual 5MP cameras on back capture video in 1080p at 30fps for 2D and 720p at 24fps for 3D. 8GB of storage comes on the LG Thrill 4G with expansion to 40GB possible using the microSD slot.

As you can see in the circular, besides having to tie yourself up for 2 years with AT&T to get the subsidized pricing for the LG Thrill 4G, you need to commit to at least a $15 per month data plan. The handset without the contract is priced at $549.99.

source: BradyDuran via AndroidCentral

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LG Thrill 4G release date moved to September 4, according to rumors

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LG-Thrill-4G-release-date-moved-to-September-4-according-to-rumorsIf you are among those fans of glasses-free 3D goodness who had August 21 marked in their calendars, we have some disappointing news to share with you. Of course, we are talking about the LG Thrill 4G, AT&T’s version of the LG Optimus 3D, which allegedly was scheduled for release on that very date.

According to a leaked document coming straight from Radio Shack’s internal system, the release date for the LG Thrill 4G is now being pushed to September 4. As a result of this, the retailer will not be accepting pre-orders of the smartphone anymore, and those customers who managed to place one will be contacted and informed about the delay. The document does not point out the exact reason for the Thrill 4G release date to be changed once again, yet it seems like the decision has been taken by AT&T itself.

The release date of the LG Thrill 4G is pushed to September 4, according to this document

The release date of the LG Thrill 4G is pushed to September 4, according to this document

Sure, AT&T never really announced an exact release date for the smartphone and stated only that it is scheduled for a summer release, yet the summer is rapidly coming to an end. Furthermore, we are sure there are plenty of Android enthusiasts out there waiting to get their hands on the LG Thrill 4G for a fresh dose of 3D action. Let’s hope the wait is going to be worth it.
source: Android Central

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LG Optimus Sol leaks on the web in a full-fledged photo shootout


LG-Optimus-Sol-leaks-on-the-web-in-a-full-fledged-photo-shootoutlg-optimus-sol-1-2Remember that leaked LG roadmap from not long ago? It gave us a glimpse at what we are likely to see rolling out of the company’s workshop in the forthcoming months, and the devices that the leak introduced us to have already started popping up on the web one by one. After the LG Prada K2, which starred in that leaked spy video, the LG Optimus Sol (or LG Victor, as it was known as in the roadmap) has boldly stood in front of the camera for a photo shootout and a brief hands-on video.

The LG Optimus Sol is shaping up to be nothing more than a mid-range device. As it has been already mentioned before, the smartphone is powered by a single-core 1GHz processor and packs a 3.8-inch AMOLED display with WVGA resolution. Judging by what we see in the video, the phone appears to be pretty slim in profile, yet the guys mentioned that it is quite prone to collecting fingerprints. There is a front-facing shooter in tow and a 5-megapixel camera on the Optimus Sol’s back, yet sadly, there is no LED flash anywhere in sight. A nice addition to the smartphone’s specs sheet is the presence of a secondary microphone for noise cancellation. In terms of software, Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is in command with the Optimus UI running on top of it.

It is not clear whether the LG Optimus Sol will ever make it to the US, yet judging by the carrier icon in the device’s app list, the smartphone will most likely be offered in Europe by Vodafone. Feel free to check out the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

source: BestboyZ (translated) via Boy Genius Report

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T-Mobile G-Slate is getting its Honeycomb 3.1 tasting tomorrow

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T-Mobile-G-Slate-is-getting-its-Honeycomb-3.1-tasting-tomorrowNot to be forgotten amongst the heap of newer Honeycomb tablets that are on the market, the 3D video recording capable T-Mobile G-Slate is more than likely to start receiving its Honeycomb 3.1 tasting tomorrow; August 10th.

Actually, LG says that they’ll be rolling it out some time today, but device owners would more than likely see it come in tomorrow – especially when it’s being rolled out in waves. Either way, it’s expected to arrive over the course of the next few days for the majority of people.

As we all know, Android 3.1 Honeycomb isn’t a dramatic upgrade, but rather, T-Mobile G-Slate owners will find the host of improvements to be more than satisfactory in the near term. In fact, it features some UI refinements, connectivity for USB accessories, the recent apps list is now scrollable to see all opened apps, certain core widgets are resizable, support for external keyboard, and some updates to some of the preloaded apps.

T-Mobile-G-Slate-is-getting-its-Honeycomb-3.1-tasting-tomorrowTaking into account that it was one of the very first Honeycomb tablets to arrive on the scene, the update surely did take some time to come to fruition, but it’s nonetheless nice to see it finally here.

source: LG via TmoNews

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LG Prada K2 appears in 10 second video


LG-Prada-K2-appears-in-10-second-videoA short 10 second video shows off the new LG Prada K2, a high-end device that is related to the first capacitive touchscreen handset, the LG Prada. The new device has some mighty fine high-end specs such as a second generation 4.3 inch NOVA display with 1,000 nits to keep the screen well-lit. Android 2.3 is running the show while a dual-core processor of undetermined speed is under the hood. A rear and front-facing camera come in at 8MP and 1.3MP respectively while a 21Mbps HSPA+ radio is aboard.

Like the LG Prada and the LG Prada II, it is expected that the LG Prada K2 will not be available in the States. The device will be thin, coming in at less than 9mm thin. It will be a stylish device, as you would expect from any item with the Prada name on it. While the first 2 versions of the LG Prada offered a touchscreen and some decent features, both models were handicapped by not being a smartphone. With the LG Prada K2, not only is the hardware much improved, but with Android Gingerbread on board, so is the software.

source: Pocketnow via AndroidCentral

LG Prada K2 from Evan Blass on Vimeo.

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LG Thrill 4G shows up in Best Buy’s buyer’s guide

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LG-Thrill-4G-shows-up-in-Best-Buys-buyers-guideAT&T’s LG Thrill 4G might have been delayed until August 21st, but meanwhile it also showed up in Best Buy’s product catalog for August under the LG Thrill 3D moniker. The 3D-enabled handset was put up for pre-order at RadioShack, but the initial release date of August 7th was pushed and pre-orders were extended to August 15th.

2011-08-03-16.33.48A tipster of ours now confirmed that Best Buy is expected to launch the phone for pre-order soon, but had no further details about the device. Well, we already know plenty about the phone, which was launched as the LG Optimus 3D outside of the States. The 4.3-inch display on this powerhouse supports glasses-free 3D using a parallax barrier, which acts as a slit plate on top of the screen filtering content so your left and right eye see a slightly different variation of the same picture, thus achieving the 3D effect.

The Android-running LG Thrill 4G comes with a dual 5-megapixel camera setup for 3D image and video capture. Design-wise the phone mimics the Optimus 3D with both its solid heft and bulkiness – it weighs a considerable 5.92 ounces, but in exchange packs a lot of horsepower. Are you getting the Thrill 4G?

Thanks, optikawn!

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The LG Flip II and HTC Ruby show off on the way to T-Mobile

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The-LG-Flip-II-and-HTC-Ruby-show-off-on-the-way-to-T-MobileEarlier today we reported that the Samsung Hercules appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for T-Mobile. But two more Android handsets seemingly set to join the lineup of the nation’s fourth largest carrier were both uncovered today. The ironically named LG Flip II is not a flip phone, but offers a side sliding QWERTY keyboard that is divided in two by a secondary display. It is not clear what the secondary display does in terms of functionality, and with specs for the phone fairly scarce, it is uncertain which build of Android will be on the model. Speculation centers on a September 14th launch.

The HTC Ruby is another Android model coming to T-Mobile. Lack of a genius button tells us that this will not be a ‘myTouch’ model. Without any hint of what the specs will be, we can’t file this as being a low-end or high-end model. Originally known also as the HTC Arrive, the Ruby actually started life as a Windows Phone 7 model as we reported back in January. Last month, leaked photos allowed us to say that the phone has a camera with dual LED flash and a 3.5mm audio jack, not the most important specs that you need to know about when picking a handset to buy. Four days later, we were able to tell you that the HTC Ruby is an Android flavored model. Unfortunately, that is where things still remain.

It is hard for T-Mobile customers to concentrate on anything right now besides the Samsung Hercules. And while the LG Flip II does have that unique screen that cuts the slide out landscape QWERTY in half, it will take more than a unique design to upstage the Samsung Galaxy S II. And as far as the HTC Ruby is concerned, it could be anything from a low-end budget special to a high-end Superphone. Right now it is Hercules who will be doing the heavy lifting for the carrier.

source: Pocketnow (HTC Ruby), TmoNews (LG Flip II)

The HTC Ruby

The HTC Ruby

The LG Flip II

The LG Flip II

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LG Enlighten leaks as an entry level Android for Verizon, with a physical QWERTY keyboard

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LG-Enlighten-leaks-as-an-entry-level-Android-for-Verizon-with-a-physical-QWERTY-keyboardlg-enlighten-specs1Set to enrich Verizon’s Android portfolio on August 25, the LG Enlighten leaked on the manufacturer’s corporate site, complete with a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

While the handset’s specs are nothing to write home about, at 800MHz processor and 3.2″ LCD touchscreen with 320×480 pixels, it is sure to come at a very affordable price point, and runs the newest Android 2.3 Gingerbread to boot.

The 3.2MP camera on the back shoots video at VGA resolution, the phone has 150MB of internal memory plus a microSD card slot, weighs 5.54 ounces and… that’s about it. Good thing is that all the connectivity options are here, like 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the LG Enlighten has a generous 1500mAh battery, rated for six hours of talk time.

source: Droidlife

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Software update for the LG Revolution is being pushed out

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Software-update-for-the-LG-Revolution-is-being-pushed-outJust yesterday, we reported that a software update was in the making for the LG Revolution that’s expected to provide a lot of bug fixes, but no Gingerbread just yet.

Well folks, it’s actually starting to roll out as we speak and brings the software version to VS910ZV6. Granted that people are still probably more concerned about a Gingerbread update, they should nonetheless take this one with open arms since it appears to pack quite a wallop with its offerings. For starters, it features a ton of new bug fixes that seriously irons out most of the handset’s loose ends. Furthermore, we see updates available with some of the handset’s preloaded apps.

Of course, the list of changes with the update are fairly extensive, but you can find all the juicy details on the LG Revolution’s support page. From the sound of it, the update should be immediate for most people, but if not, you can always check manually under the software update section in the Android settings menu.

source: Verizon via Android Central

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