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Facebook’s Joe Hewitt disagrees with Android’s openness claim

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10Joe Hewitt is the co-creator of Mozilla’s Firefox, and the developer of Facebook’s first versions of their native iPhone application. In an hour-long tirade over Twitter, Hewitt expressed his doubts about Android’s openness.

In the developing debate between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Andy Rubin, the two parties are now debating the definition of an open OS. Jobs claimed that Google was using the ‘open’ moniker to justify their supposedly scattered and inconsistent presence. Rubin then tweeted that their OS is indeed open because the source is available for download.

Hewitt isn’t convinced. He argues that the Android OS can’t be called an open OS, because the code isn’t available until the release. He says that if it really were open, then we would be able to monitor and provide input on the OS as it developed.

Hewitt cites Linux and his own Firefox browser as true examples of open systems. In these, the community shares control with the developers, rather than waiting to have access to a pre-packaged product.

Regarding the debate between Apple and Google, Hewitt tweeted the following: “Point I am trying to make is, Rubin bickering with Jobs is a farce, because both refuse to share the one thing that matters: control.”

It seems that Hewitt isn’t necessarily complaining about the implementation of Android, but is merely disagreeing with their definition of ‘open’. TechCrunch keenly points out that his impatience for upcoming OS codes might be related to his role in developing the next version of Facebook for Android.
source: TechCrunch

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Early take on Meizu M9

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The Meizu M9 is an Android powered smartphone due to hit by the end of the year. One guy was lucky enough to go hands-on with the device that is said to be pitted against the Apple iPhone, and even some other devices running on Android.

According to a developer, the device rivals the speed found on the Samsung Galaxy S phones and their impressive 1 GHz processor that makes navigating the phone a breeze. Compared to the iPhone, the developer claims that the M9 came out on top in regards to web browsing speeds. The cameras were also put to the test, with the iPhone’s coming out on top in that head-to-head battle.

The Meizu M9 features its own custom user interface on top of the Android platform that the developer says is even easier to use than stock Android. Other than this, not much else is known. No word on screen-resolution, internal memory, nothing.
source: Electronista


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New Yahoo Messenger app to support video calling on Android and iPhone

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06David Katz, Yahoo’s VP of Mobile for the Americas, told Reuters that his company soon will be offering versions of Yahoo Messenger that are equipped with video calling technology. The Yahoo app will be free and allow iPhone and Android users to conduct video chats with each other and will PC users who use Yahoo Messenger for video calls now. Currently, Yahoo has 81 million Messenger users worldwide.

T-Mobile announced earlier this week that the new updated version of its myTouch smartphone will come with a front-facing camera, and a built-in app from Yahoo for video calling. Unlike Apple’s Face Time, which for now works only when both sides of the conversation are in Wi-Fi coverage, Yahoo’s system will work over a carrier’s wireless connection.

While other services like Fring and Tango allow iPhone users to make video calls over both 3G and Wi-Fi, the Mountain View based company has much bigger footprints than either of those firms, and thus stands to have a much wider impact as video calling starts to spread and a front-facing camera becomes a standard feature on new phones.
source: Reuters

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Knock off iPhone 4 brings together three mobile platforms on one device

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04Well, well, what do we have here? It was only going to be a matter of time before someone, specifically China, would give birth to some kind of iPhone 4 knockoff for cheap, but this iPhone 4 look a like takes it a few steps further.

Selling for the price of $275, and that’s with no contract requirements, you’ll get an iPhone 4 knock off which eerily looks similar to the venerable smartphone. Although it doesn’t necessarily replicate the iPhone 4 in its entirety, since it’s apparently just a bit longer than the real deal, it does provide you a choice of which platform to run on it.

Sure it has a knock off iOS interface, which in fact is powered by the MTK6516 platform, but you can seemingly ditch it in favor of either running Windows Mobile 6.5 or Android 2.1. In addition, the handset even packs a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera, but we’d imagine that it won’t replicate the iPhone 4’s low lighting prowess.

In any event, this iPhone 4 knock off might impress some people with its ability to switch platforms, but it does make you wonder.
via MobileCrunch

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Intel to offer tools for easy porting of iPhone or Android apps to its hardware

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04Intel is missing out on the developments in the mobile phone industry big time. Its mobile Atom line still has to be seen in a smartphone or tablet for the general public, while ARM-based chipsets have taken over the burgeoning industry.

There is no doubt that the chipset manufacturer is pretty annoyed to see these little devices turning into the main computing units for many people, who would otherwise have to use Intel’s hardware, found in laptops and desktop machines. To remedy the situation until the dual-core Atom family finds its way into tablets and smartphones, Intel is working on a tool that will allow applications developed for ARM chipsets, to be ported for Intel gear with maximum ease.

Theoretically, this could allow all applications written for the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, to be transformed into software for Intel’s Atom-based gizmos. Whether or not this strategy will prove successful, is anyone’s guess, but at least Intel is doing something to entice developers. The company already has an AppUp Center for Intel-based netbooks that will also double as a store for MeeGo and Windows down the road. Intel’s goal is to have a look at existing apps, try to port the relevant ones over, and have them on the AppUp Center for the end users.
source: PCWorld

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3D movies without glasses coming to iOS and Android this fall

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05Lately, it seems that everyone is working on bringing 3D to cell phones. We recently reported about some new technology expected to be available next year that will bring glasses-free 3D to cell phone screens. Now, another company called Spatial View has gone as far as submitting an app to Apple’s App Store called 3DeeCentral.

The app contains a library of movies that can be viewed in 3D on iOS and Android models with the help of a thin screen that is placed over the phone’s display. The cost of the screen is expected to come in for under $20 and be available this fall.

Business Insider tried out the service and said, “We don’t expect this to sweep the nation overnight. For one thing, it looks like the library of content will be fairly sparse to begin with. And the 3D effect isn’t as compelling as it is on a larger screen using glasses. But we just tried it out, and it was real, live 3D right there on the phone. And that was awesome.” Sounds like we have something to look forward to this fall.
source: BusinessInsider via RedmondPie

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Has Android become the long predicted “iPhone Killer”?

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04Ever since the launch of the iPhone, those who have not been able to embrace the device for one reason or another, have been searching for the iPhone “killer”. A long list of manufacturers, carriers and phones have been designated the assassin of  Apple’s touchscreen device dating back to the LG Voyager in 2007, and yet the iPhone has continued to prosper. But since the launch of the Motorola DROID last November, the Android platform has become not only a strong challenger to the iPhone, it is now taking business away from Apple in the States.

According to Millennial Media’s monthly “Mobile Mix” (say that 10 times fast), Android has been picking up steam at the expense of the iPhone. The latest figures show that last month, Apple retained the top spot in the U.S. with a 48% share. That is a drop of 7% from July’s reading and can you guess how many percentage points Android added in August? With the 7% share presumably grabbed from Apple, Google’s open source OS now controls 26% of the U.S. market. If the current trend continues, in 4 to 6 months, Android will be looking down at Apple.

The importance of August’s figures is that it shows that the earlier gains Android made this year were not due to people waiting on the sidelines for iPhone 4 to launch. In fact, Android has continued to pick up slices of the pie even after the release of Cupertino’s latest phone. Millennial Media is a mobile ad agency and they say that ad requests on Android have increased 1,000% since January. Yes, some of this figure is bloated due to the large number of phones launched using the OS, but there seems to be no slow down in that department.

Which manufacturer has gained the most from the Android explosion? Motorola has leapfrogged over RIM to become the third largest cell phone producer in the States. Samsung and Apple are #1 and #2 respectively. On the list of the top 20 devices in the U.S., the first-gen DROID was number 2 with a 9.44% share, behind the iPhone. Five other Android phones made the top 20.

source: MillennialMedia


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Apple’s iAd advertising service to tie up with Google for a fifth of the market

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02Apple’s purchase of Quattro Wireless this year was aimed at getting the company a foothold in the mobile advertising space. This market is expected to explode in the next few years, and Cupertino didn’t want to let Android or others to lead the way.

Steve Jobs made some bold claims that by the end of 2010 iAd will have claimed half of this business, because Apple’s approach is towards interactive ads that can be viewed within an app. The ads are developed with close supervision by Apple, and take longer than usual for advertisers to brainstorm and get approved.

While not 50%, the iAd success is still pretty impressive, despite being in its early phase. Research shows that by the end of the year, Apple will hold 21% of the mobile advertising market, as much as the king of search and sponsored ads Google will have, and triple the size of Microsoft’s share.

Google’s comment on the matter has been that if the company is losing share, that is because the size of the pie is growing with unforeseen speeds, since its own internal metrics are showing explosive growth too.

Well, it looks like Yahoo’s CEO opinion, that iAd will be a failure, is not holding water for now, actually Yahoo’s own share is projected to fall from 12%, to 9% of the market this year. Apple says it needs iAd as a tool for developers to monetize free apps, but in the end we are sure the advertising network will turn into the next cash cow for Cupertino.
source: AppleInsider

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Chart shows Android users update software more than Apple users

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06Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS are two of the premier platforms for mobile devices today. They are constantly being updated to make the experience better for the user. These updates however, are more likely to find their way to Android devices than iOS devices because of the OTA process.

Most iPhone, iPad and iPod users know that to update their software they need to plug it in to iTunes and let the computer do all the work. While this may not be the most difficult process, it is something that many people don’t bother to do as the charts below will show. Being able to receive and install a new software update over-the-air is a simpler and easier process. For that reason, Android phones are more likely to be updated than any iOS device.

The chart compares two past generation phones of current popular devices, the Apple iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid. The software updates being compared are Android 2.2 and iOS 4.0. The difference in upgrade rate is staggering. After only two weeks of availability, 96% of Motorola Droid users had been updated to Android 2.2 Froyo. Only 56% of iPhone 3GS users had upgraded to iOS 4.0 in the first two weeks.

Are OTA updates the way to go? Tell us what you think in the comments below.
source: Apple Insider

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Numbers indicate Android will soon be number two platform

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05Android is like a fury of fists that never lets up, and keeps on coming at a rapid rate. This newest study shows that Google’s popular Android OS may end the year as the number two mobile platform in terms of market share. Still forecasted to be in distant first of course is global powerhouse Nokia and their Symbian OS.

The study has projections for the remainder of 2010, as well as the years 2011-2014. Other mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS and RIM’s BlackBerry platform are projected to decline slightly by 2014. The forthcoming Windows Phone 7 OS isn’t expected to last, as market share is projected to drop under 4% by 2014.

Do you see Windows Phone 7 lasting with tough competition like Android and iOS? Can Android catch up to Symbian by the year 2014 in market share? Will RIM hang in there? These are all just projections of course, and could very well change. Take a look at the chart and give us your opinion.
source: Into Mobile

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