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G1/Dream running Android 2.0. Sort of.

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Although sluggish, slow and in need of further refinement, the industrious folks over at XDA-Developers have ported Android 2.0 to a T-Mobile G1. The G1 is underpowered to handle this Eclair goodness and should really stick to a Donut diet, but it’s fun and interesting to see what can be done with a little ROM cooking. The fact it’s running at all on the G1 provides a glimmer of hope that XDA-Developers may be able to refine it enough to have Android 2.0 running on a G1/Dream and even the myTouch 3G/Magic on a daily basis. We won’t hold our collective breath, but take a look at the video and see for yourself.

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T-Mobile G1 now only $129.99

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Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 11.57.21 PM

With the myTouch 3G as TMobile’s featured Android-powered phone right now and the Motorola CLIQ! arriving shortly, it’s a fire sale over at T-Mobile for the original Android flagship handset, the G1. At only $129.99, this is a great price for a great piece of hardware and an excellent Android OS. To get this deal, you may have to do a little hunting over on T-Mobile’s website because as we mentioned, the myTouch 3G is the bee’s knees right now on the T-Mobile site. If you’ve been holding out on picking up an Android phone, it’s doesn’t get much better than $129.99 for the G1.

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How-to: get HTC Hero’s Sense UI on your G1

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If you aren’t familiar with the wizards over at XDA Developers, then this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with them as they walk you through the step-by-step of installing the HTC Hero’s fabulous Sense UI onto your T-Mobile G1. It is not for the faint of heart and is an involved process, but it’s something you can do with their help. Of course, we here at AndroidArena assume no responsibility whatsoever for any mishaps you encounter along the way, so this is certainly a caveat emptor kind of situation. Watch the video and give it a go if you want the Sense interface on your G1.

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Android update released, minor bug fixes

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picture-16Several days ago we reported that a T-Mobile rep had confirmed another two updates before the end of the year, one major and one minor. Apparently the minor update has been pushed out to T-Mobile G1 users, and although there is nothing obvious on the surface, T-Mobile says that the “latest G1 software update includes permissions fixes and other bug fixes.” Have you received your update yet, and if so, have you noticed anything significant? Now that the minor update is out, we can now look forward to the major one, and hopefully it will be extremely noticeable.

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HTC Hero is G2 Touch on T-Mobile UK

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g2-touch-tmoWith T-Mobile USA focused on rolling out the myTouch 3G, the folks on the other side of the pond are soon to have the HTC Hero, and T-Mobile UK is dubbing it the G2 Touch. This renaming (formerly G1 Touch) was revealed via a couple Tweets from the T-Mobile UK Official Twitter account and snagged by phandroid.com.

The renaming of T-Mobile UK’s HTC Hero is interesting in that it keeps the association with the G1, the first Android handset, while making a connection to the myTouch 3G that will show up in the U.S. Regardless of what they name it, will the G1 Touch/G2 Touch/G2 find it’s way into your pocket or purse as your go-to smartphone?

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Sense UI may come to current Android handsets

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htc-senseDo you like what you see with HTC’s Sense UI overlay on Android? If you want the Sense interface of the Hero but are sticking with the Android handset you already have, there is a glimmer of hope that you can have the Sense UI on your existing device. Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, was recently quoted as saying, “HTC Sense will be available on some other existing devices.”

That’s a broad statement, but since the only Android phones available at this time are the Dream/G1 and Magic/myTouch 3G, it may be fair to say that one or both receive an update to get Sense up and running. Hopefully Dream/G1 and Magic/myTouch 3G owners can enjoy a UI facelift when Sense is made available to the older devices. Do you want Sense on your Android handset?

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HTC Magic approaching 1 million shipped

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picture-13The HTC Magic, the follow-up to HTC’s T-Mobile G1, is doing quite well, expected to approach the 1 million mark within the next month or two as¬†Google’s Android OS makes it’s way into the hands of more customers. The Magic has had an impressive launch, exceeding analysts’ expectations as it achieves this milestone in just a matter of three or four months, depending on when it actually hits the magic (no pun intended) 1 million number.

Macquarie Research analyst Lu Chia-lin said, “The progress is better than most analysts’ expectations as some thought it would take at least five months for HTC to sell 1 million HTC Magic phones.” This bodes well for Google’s Android OS and the future just looks brighter as T-Mobile is poised to launch the myTouch 3G, expected to hit the T-Mobile store shelves as soon as next week.

Source: Taipei Times

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T-Mobile MyTouch 3G spotted in wild

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Usually when a device is spotted in the wild, it’s a safe bet that it’s launch is not too far behind. Hopefully that’s the case with the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Android-based smartphone, the heir apparent to the G1. Alleged pictures of the MyTouch were posted by Crackbone over at Androidforums. They look legit – appearance is consistent with previous pictures and reports, carries the Google branding, and that screenshot is unmistakably Android. Will the MyTouch 3G replace your G1, or if you haven’t tried Android yet, will you answer the MyTouch’s siren song?

Source: Androidforums via TmoNews

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T-Mobile 3G coverage expands

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picture-21As of now, T-Mobile is the only game in town for getting your Android groove on in the U.S. With that said, the folks in the following areas should be pretty darn happy about 3G expansion and should already be enjoying the benefits of faster data speeds on their G1 Android phones:

Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado; Des Moines, Iowa; and unconfirmed is Salem, Oregon. More expansion has taken place in Denver, Colorado and the Austin and San Antonio, Texas areas as well. This could be the most exciting thing to happen in the Des Moines area this year (I kid, I kid!). Congratulations to those people in the aforementioned markets who now have 3G. Please tell us how it’s going for you!

Source: TmoNews

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G1 price drop paves way for myTouch 3G?

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mytouchIt was just a few days ago that we posted the box art for the next Android phone on T-Mobile, the myTouch 3G. We also now know that you can pick up a shiny new G1 from T-Mobile for a mere $149, a strong hint that they want to clear the shelves of any remaining G1 inventory to make space for the new myTouch 3G.

The G1 is a very powerful handset for only $149 and is a great opportunity to own an Android phone and still keep a few bucks in your wallet. Or, just wait for the myTouch 3G which is rumored to arrive later this month. If you don’t have a G1 already, are you going to help T-Mobile clear their shelves by picking up a G1 at a bargain price? Or are you going to jump in with both feet and incur the expense of the new myTouch 3G?

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