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HTC Hero appears in a promo video

A promo video of the HTC Hero has been spotted on the web. The closing frames of the video are most interesting, as they show a whole seven different color variations of the Android phone: pale green, white, black, red, yellow, turquoise and pink, all of which look really sweet. According to the source, the phone is running the new “Rosie” GUI and what we can see in the video are some nice features, such as multiple home screens, widgets, accelerometer and Google Maps.

After that funky video, we are now even more impatient for the Hero to come out. Check it out below!

source: AndroidCommunity

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Android-powered HTC Lancaster for AT&T


If November 2nd is too long to wait for the previously-mentioned Motorola Heron, maybe you would like to try an HTC Lancaster on for size.  The Lancaster’s pricing is unknown, but it’s estimated to be available on AT&T this August 3rd and should be a welcomed Android-powered device to the network.

If the leaked image is accurate, the Lancaster is one sleek and sexy phone bearing no resemblance to the G1.  It is expected to have a QWERTY slider keyboard, 2.8” QVGA display (we guess this is a mistake), 1350 mAh battery, quad-band EDGE and 850/1900MHz HSPA, AGPS, a 3MP camera, aGPS, microSD expansion slot, and Bluetooth 2.0.  How many of you will be in an AT&T store on August 3rd for this Android-powered beauty?

source: EngadgetMobile

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Motorola Iron Man becoming Android-powered Heron for AT&T?


The Motorola Iron Man, a portrait-sliding QWERTY smartphone shrouded in mystery, rumor and speculation, may be coming to AT&T on November 2 as the Android-powered Heron.  Currently, AT&T customers have to use an unlocked T-Mobile G1 for their Android fetish, so it would be fantastic to get some Android OS devices headed to AT&T with full features.

The Heron has the following listed specs:  2.8 inch touch screen, 3MP camera with flash, aGPS and 3G.  Keep in mind that specs may change as the Iron Man morphs into the Android-powered Heron.  November 2 feels like an eternity to wait, but we at AndroidArena will do our level best to keep you updated on all news Android!

source: Engadget

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Video of HTC Hero shows new Android look

The screen shot below comes from a video that is said to demonstrate the Android powered HTC Hero. Look at the new home page and you’ll see a nice change from the clock in the sky picture that we’ve seen countless times. The question is whether this new look is related to the upcoming Android 2.0 “Donut” OS or if it is a personalization from the manufacturer similar to the TouchFLO 3D that HTC uses to help navigation on their Windows Mobile devices. The design is heavy on the widgets and the infamous analog clock is back and actually takes up more of the real estate in the screen shot on the left.

When we last reported on the HTC Hero, we passed along information that the handset is expected to see a third quarter release. The phone showed up on the road map for carrier Orange France but a definitive release date and pricing has not been mentioned. So what do you think of the design?

source: PhoneDog via EngadgetMobile

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HTC Hero gets revealed, Samsung Houdini leaks – attack of the Androids

androidAnd here we are again with good news for all of you, fans of the Android operating system. While Samsung has officially unveiled the I7500, HTC is still keeping some secrets from us. This seems to have not been a serious obstacle for the anonymous reader of CodeAndroid, who has submitted spy shots of what looks like the HTC Hero – an Android smartphone, scheduled for this year’s third quarter. As you can see for yourself, the Hero would not attract the fashion gurus and it is quite similar to the G1, as we were expecting. There is no additional information going with the photos, only that we can see there’s a 3.5mm audio jack on the top, and the trackball is missing. Take a good look at these shots and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Hold on! There is more coming – an image of what is said to be T-Mobile’s Android roadmap has leaked, revealing the pricing strategies for three handsets. The first one is the far-famed G1, which is already well-known to all of us. It seems that T-Mobile will start offering the G2/Magic as soon as this summer, but what grabbed our attention was the third phone, the Samsung Houdini, which is probably scheduled for this fall. Its price, however, is covered with a black area, so we cannot tell for how much you will be able to get this one. In addition, there are a number of other black areas, obviously covering information about some other Android-powered devices. What do you think? What would these secret handsets look like?

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