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PC World names Android #1 in 2010


PC-World-names-Android-1-in-2010PC World has released their Best Tech Products of 2010, and some familiar friends are topping the list. Coming in at #1 is Android 2.2, followed by the Apple iPad at #2, and then the Samsung Galaxy Tab at #5.

We all know and love Android 2.2: it has voice-command capability throughout the OS, and Flash 10.1 support for a real browsing experience. PC World also touts Android for its competitive stance with Apple’s iOS, and its rapid ascent to popularity. It also celebrates how customizable Android is, as well as the wide variety of devices available.

The Apple iPad gets a well-deserved second place, and is credited with starting the tablet revolution. We tend to agree, the iPad has revamped the market that was once filled by clumsy tablet PCs and lackluster netbooks. It has also inspired an impending plethora of OS competitors from Google, Microsoft, RIM, and more.

Fifth place was awarded, somewhat surprisingly, to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Don’t get us wrong, though. It’s only surprising because the Galaxy Tab is so new to the market. PC World describes it as “the iPad for the rest of us.”

Other mobile-related winners include the Samsung Epic 4G at #8, the Apple iPhone 4 at #13, the HTC HD7 at #15, and the Motorola DROID X at #25. Click the source link below to check out the full list.
source: PC World via AndroidGuys

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Giant Gingerbread Man touches down at Googleplex; launch of next Android OS build imminent


08With a giant Gingerbread man being led into the Googleplex on Friday, it is becoming apparent that the launch of the next Android OS build is imminent. Earlier Friday, we reported that according to a Google engineer, the Gingerbread version of Google’s open source OS will be Android 2.3 and will be considered a major release.

The Gingerbread man finds himself among the company of a cupcake, donut, eclair and some frozen yogurt, each one representing a specific Android OS build. With Gingerbread most likely turning out to be Android 2.3, Honeycomb should be Android 3.0 and get released early in 2011 for use in Android powered tablets. Considering that the Froyo statue was put up one week before Android 2.2 was launched, if history repeats, Android 2.3 should see its release next week, coming just a couple of weeks before Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 in the U.S.

As we have told you, Samsung and Google are working on a device that is expected to be the first handset loaded with Gingerbread. As far as upgrades to current Android models, those currently running Android 2.2 (perhaps even the first-gen Motorola DROID) could be in line to move up to the next build.
source: YouTube via AndroidandMe

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Is Gingerbread going to be Android 2.3?


06A Google engineer, anonymously responding on the Google codes forum to an issue that Android is having with Wi-Fi, might have accidentally given away major State secrets. The engineer said that the problem would be corrected in the next major release of Google’s open source OS which he pegged as Android 2.3.

We recently reported speculation was building that Gingerbread was going to be Android 2.5 and that the 3.0 version of the software was going to be Honeycomb and would be designed for Android powered tablets. This leak, if correct, certainly supports that theory with the only difference being that Gingerbread would be Android 2.3, not 2.5.

On the other hand, considering that Eclair was both 2.0 and 2.1, it is still possible that the 2.3 build of Android is nothing more than another flavor of Froyo. But that would not explain the new software being labled a “major release”.

According to BriefMobile, the anonymous Google engineer is Nick Kralevich who is a Google Android Security Team engineer, and could be privy to information about Android 2.3. The thread on the forum dealt with a complaint with an Android phone that was unable to connect to a network due to a Wi-Fi security bug.

The Gingerbread build of the Androids OS is expected to bring an improved look to icons with a green color theme. The Notification bar will be colored “slate grey”, menus will scroll down with a little bounce at the end, buttons and checkboxes will be improved, Google Calls will be received over Wi-Fi and some pre-installed apps will get a new look. Also, there will be a new “screen-off” animation which is supposedly on the video below.
source: Google code via  BriefMobile, Phandroid (Gingerbread sign-off screen)

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Facebook’s Joe Hewitt disagrees with Android’s openness claim


10Joe Hewitt is the co-creator of Mozilla’s Firefox, and the developer of Facebook’s first versions of their native iPhone application. In an hour-long tirade over Twitter, Hewitt expressed his doubts about Android’s openness.

In the developing debate between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Andy Rubin, the two parties are now debating the definition of an open OS. Jobs claimed that Google was using the ‘open’ moniker to justify their supposedly scattered and inconsistent presence. Rubin then tweeted that their OS is indeed open because the source is available for download.

Hewitt isn’t convinced. He argues that the Android OS can’t be called an open OS, because the code isn’t available until the release. He says that if it really were open, then we would be able to monitor and provide input on the OS as it developed.

Hewitt cites Linux and his own Firefox browser as true examples of open systems. In these, the community shares control with the developers, rather than waiting to have access to a pre-packaged product.

Regarding the debate between Apple and Google, Hewitt tweeted the following: “Point I am trying to make is, Rubin bickering with Jobs is a farce, because both refuse to share the one thing that matters: control.”

It seems that Hewitt isn’t necessarily complaining about the implementation of Android, but is merely disagreeing with their definition of ‘open’. TechCrunch keenly points out that his impatience for upcoming OS codes might be related to his role in developing the next version of Facebook for Android.
source: TechCrunch

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Google, RIM respond to Steve Jobs’ comments during Apple’s conference call


09Boys will be boys. Yesterday, during the Apple conference call related to the company’s earnings report, Steve Jobs took the time to let everyone know exactly where he stands on certain issues.

According to the Book of Jobs, Google is using “openess” to hide the fragmentation that is part of the current Android experience. As we reported yesterday, the Apple CEO said, “With iPhone, every handset works the same. We think Android is very fragmented and more fragmented every day.” Jobs also pointed out that while Google is activating 200,000 Android phones daily and has 90,000 apps in the Android Market, Apple is activating 275,000 iPhone units a day and has 300,000 apps in the App Store.

The Apple co-founder didn’t stop with Android. He also went after RIM, saying that the company must change to compete with Apple. He noted that the 14.1 million Apple iPhones sold in the last quarter easily topped the 12.1 million BlackBerry models that rang the register over the previous three month period. With one comment saying that 7 inch tablets cannot support great tablet apps, the CEO was negative on both the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. He said that his company had done extensive testing and that a 10 inch screen-like on the Apple iPad-is the way to go and that Apple will never release a 7 inch iPad.

Business-wise, sizing a tablet to fit into a pocket doesn’t make sense, according to the executive, because tablet buyers are also smartphone buyers and if they can fit a 7 inch device into a pants pocket, that is a potential smartphone sale you are losing. Lastly, Jobs noted that the iPad currently has 35,000 of its own apps while new tablets will have zero at launch.

Both Google and RIM fired back salvos of their own today. The “father” of Android, Google’s Andy Rubin, used his Twitter account for the first time to respond. Rubin’s tweet, seen below, refers to the commands you would use to build your own copy of Android on any Linux machine. Rubin is saying to Jobs: “Is that open enough for you?”. As a measure of support, Google CEO Eric Schmidt decided to retweet Rubin’s message.

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie took Steve Jobs’ words harder and as a result, he hit back harder. Less blunt than Rubin, Balsillie said, ““For those of us who live outside of Apple’s distortion field, we know that 7″ tablets will actually be a big portion of the market and we know that Adobe Flash support actually matters to customers who want a real web experience. We also know that while Apple’s attempt to control the ecosystem and maintain a closed platform may be good for Apple, developers want more options and customers want to fully access the overwhelming majority of web sites that use Flash. We think many customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple…As usual, whether the subject is antennas, Flash or shipments, there is more to the story and sooner or later, even people inside the distortion field will begin to resent being told half a story.”

So as the smartphone industry heats up, we have three of the most charismatic executives in the business engaging in the modern equivalent of corporate warfare, using Twitter, YouTube and other modern modes of communication. We think things are going to get a whole lot hotter before there is any semblance of a cease-fire.

An audio tape with 5 minutes of Jobs’ tirade can be heard by clicking on the play button below. This is not a video, which explains why the still picture on the link is upside down.
source: BGR, TiPb (1), (2), TechCrunch

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Android action figures available from SK Telecom


06If you love Android, and are absolutely consumed by Google’s open source OS, owning an Android flavored device is not enough. You also need to have some cute little Android toys work of art featuring the green robot. Androski is the skiing character and comes with a set of skis and poles. Put this on your desk, and everyone will know which OS you prefer.

The figures are available in  Korea from SK Telecom, which is perfect considering that the assembly instructions are written in Korean. Just looking at the manual might give you a headache, even if you know Korean. After you spend half a day putting the figure together, you have the perfect stand for your Android device.

While the Androski web site doesn’t translate into English very well, judging from the pictures on the site and a copy of the box, there are a number of collectible figures in the series including one that would turn your little Android character into a weight-lifter. The box says that the Androski figures are for those 15 years of age or older (”Not interested for children under the age of 15 reads the fractured English on the box) and the cute little figure should be considered a work of art, not a toy according to the company that produces the figures.
source: Androski

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Android keeps us hungry for new OS releases; after Honeycomb will come Ice Cream


05Keeping the dessert tray coming, the next version of the Android OS after Honeycomb will be Ice Cream according to Forbes. Since Cupcake, we have been treated to Donut, Eclair and the current Froyo builds of Google’s open source OS. Gingerbread is expected to grace certain smartphones-like the Motorola Olympus-before the end of the year or early in Q1 for 2011. Honeycomb should follow early next year with Ice Cream due out in the middle of 2011, according to the magazine.

The Ice Cream, uh, leak comes from Tudor Brown who is the president of ARM. That company makes processors which integrate with electronic devices, some of which run Android. He told Forbes about the Ice Cream name for Android 4.0. This is the second time in recent memory that a leak revealed the name of an upcoming Android OS release. Before The Mountain View based company had a chance to make the announcement, Samsung had leaked the Gingerbread name at a trade show this past September.

So now we know that the name of Android 5.0 will probably be a dessert that starts with the letter “J”. Any ideas?
source: Forbes

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Is Android targeted to men?


07A UK survey reveals that Android subscribers are still largely male. Surveying 78,000 UK residents, males were twice as likely than females to purchase an Android device.

Males ages 25-39 intended to purchase an Android device at a rate of 11.4%, versus 5% of females. These results led marketing consultant Belinda Parmar to say that Android needs a female-friendly overhaul. She intends to release a new marketing strategy at Droidcon at the end of this month.

“Android provides a perfect example of how not to market a platform to women, and so the Android experience has become irrelevant to more than half of the population. I know that this may come as a shock to the attendees at Droidcon and I’m prepared for the rotten tomatoes to be thrown, but it is true that Android has a ‘dude’ problem,” said Parmar.

Parmar’s accusation is nothing new. Sales have definitely demonstrated a greater interest in Android among men. However, the marketing problem might not extend to the U.S. market. Carriers like Verizon have certainly made an effort, targeting HTC DROID Incredible and ‘Rule the Air’ commercials to young women.
source: Androinica

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Android Gingerbread SDK to arrive next week?


01Thing are moving very quickly now as we head to the last few months of 2010. It  has been an incredible year for Android and Google’s open source OS appears ready to continue taking market share from all of the other mobile platforms. One way that Google has been able to achieve this is by constantly upgrading the software. Think of how fast we have seen Android go from Donut to Eclair and Froyo. Now, the Gingerbread SDK is expected to be released next week and as we reported, there is already talk about a Motorola handset becoming the flagship for the build.

There has been speculation that Gingerbread will be Android 2.5 with the 3.0 Honeycomb version built for tablets. It has been a mere 5 months since the release of Froyo, and already the talk is moving to a possible Honeycomb launch in Q1 of 2011. Getting the new API calls for Gingerbread next week will allow for a look at some of the new functionality and a view of stock Gingerbread before the carriers put their overlays on top of it.

At this point, it would seem that the big question is if Windows Phone 7 can slow down the Android train. Another possible speed bump could be a Verizon branded version of the Apple iPhone. This would have the effect of slowing down Android right where the green robot gets plenty of its revenue from.
source: AndroidPolice

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Live wallpaper featuring Android’s green droid devours apples


Do not let its cute and cuddly nature fool you, because this green little droid, has another side that takes out it on none other than a poor apple – and even more.

This one of a kind live wallpaper called, Droid Guy Live Wallpaper, is now available to download for the usual cost of 99 cents. Now what makes it pretty interesting, aside from featuring the lovable green droid, is the fact that you can interact with it to do a host of things. Depending on the location you tap on the droid, it’ll do a bunch of cute things – as well as some not so cute ones.

Specifically, it’ll begin to start eating a silver looking apple, but just before it takes a bite, you can instantly see the change of mood on its face. Once it takes that deep bite, it decides that it’s not worth finishing the rest and continues on to throw it away in a trash bin. Check out the video to see what other interesting things that this live wallpaper has to offer.
via PocketNow

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