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Kyocera Echo takes a licking, keeps on ticking


Kyocera-Echo-takes-a-licking-keeps-on-tickingKnow that feeling when you drop your cell phone and just before you bend down to pick it up, your mind envisions the worst. With the Kyocera Echo, a cracked screen or damaged innards might not even cross your mind. The handset has obviously been put together with some tough, rugged materials. In the video below, the Kyocera Echo is handled pretty roughly and still manages to survive.

Has anyone with butterfingers dropped their phones constantly without the device suffering any serious damage? Today’s phones have much better protection starting with the Gorilla Glass that is on the Kyocera Echo. The video claims that Kyocera tests each device quite heavily, including opening and closing each unit 100,000 times. We counted 16 pretty severe hits that the Echo took in this one video alone, any one of which could have put a cell phone out of commission for good.

One final thought. While we did see a Kyocera Echo get pounded, we never did see if the phone remained in working condition after taking the whacks that it did. Any Kyocera Echo owners out there who can verify just how tough this smartphone is?

source: YouTube via AndroidCentral


2 Responses to “Kyocera Echo takes a licking, keeps on ticking”

  1. storm says:

    I have kyocera echo ,im even using it right now and my screen cracked 20 minites ago ,but I droped it like 26 times and it managed ,good thing only one park cracked that still works and I have 2 screens

  2. Cora says:

    Mine got stomped on at a concert, which finally broke the glass after many many falls.. touch screen still works perfect except in one tiny spot, and the entire thing is SHATTERED, been using it over a month now like this :P
    It even survived a good swim in the toilet at a walmart :X And a few bleach baths after

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