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Samsung’s Nexus Prime could be Google’s first Ice Cream Sandwich phone


Samsungs-Nexus-Prime-could-be-Googles-first-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-phoneThe crew at BGR today reported some more information it has received about the first Ice Cream Sandwich flavored Android phone. The device is currently code named “Prime” and BGR’s sources say that the phone could be launched as the Google Nexus Prime. With a Super AMOLED HD display with 720p resolution, the odds favor this beast being manufactured by Samsung. A TI OMAP 4460 is expected to be under the hood. With no OEM UI or preloaded software expected on the device, this does appear to be the pure stock Android experience that Nexus models have become famous for having.

Unlike previous launches of new Android OS builds which were usually introduced to the public through one device from one manufacturer and one carrier (think Android 2.0 introduced on the Motorola DROID through Verizon), BGR’s source says that with Android 4.0, Google could be looking to introduce the new build to the public through multiple OEMs and multiple carriers-each with its own flagship Android 4.0 device, and all launched at the same time. Anyone hungry now for an Ice Cream Sandwich?

source: BGR


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