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Motorola DEFY plagued by faulty earpieces, warranty will cover


Motorola-DEFY-plagued-by-faulty-earpieces-warranty-will-coverThe Motorola DEFY has been through it all – the rugged handset took a dive, then it was tortured with waterboarding, we bathed it and it survived too. But a growing number of users reported that it fails in another area and that is its earspeaker. Motorola still hasn’t come up with an official statement on the matter, but most reports hint to a manufacturing issue. This is no good news as it would mean that no easy software fix will come to save the day. As troubling as this is for Motorola DEFY owners, the issue is still covered with warranty, but it can take several days up to weeks to get your device fixed.

The phone started selling earlier in Germany and that helps to understand why most of the defective speaker reports come from there. Most users report that the earpiece stops functioning within the first couple of days of use, but calls could still be made using the loud speaker.

Some reporters claim that the company has already produced the planned quantity of Motorola DEFY units for Europe for 2010. It would be a pity to find out that the issue affects all of those devices. On our part, we were charmed by the combination of good software and toughness the phone offers. But it might be wiser to hold on getting it now and wait for that official response by Moto. In the meantime, check out our in-depth review of the Motorola DEFY and see if it is worth the risk.

source: Motorola Forum via BGR

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5 Responses to “Motorola DEFY plagued by faulty earpieces, warranty will cover”

  1. Wraith says:

    I have the same problem and just returned the phone to the vendor. The odds are it will be replaced with another one of the same model that will have exactly the same problem.

    In my case when making or receiving a call, the other person can hear me but I can’t hear them. Speaker mode works fine.

    Motorola, give your manufacturing such a hard kick that they taste the shoe leather. This is unacceptable!

  2. M Javaid says:

    I have the same problem Motorola defy i bought just couple of days before dated 03-07-2011. after 2 or 3 days i’m facing problem with earpiece.

  3. Ashish Dubey says:

    Even i have the same problem, but my mobiles warranty is over. Will it still be covered?


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