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Android owners getting their first taste of SkyFire


02Android owners have been getting treated to a ton of popular apps that exemplifies the platform’s continuous stance as being a dominant figure in app selection among owners. Developers have been quick to jump aboard the train to be part of Android’s joyride which will no doubt see greater heights being achieved thanks to its growing base. Although it may not be perfect, Android has witnessed some stellar web browsers that have graced the platform. For those eagerly awaiting for SkyFire to become readily available, there is a leak that’ll undoubtedly ring some good news to users who’ve been itching for this moment to come. The team over at XDA developers managed to get a copy of the highly anticipated beta version of SkyFire for Android – and they’re going ahead in sharing the joys all around. Already claiming home to a ton of other premier web browsers, SkyFire will naturally be welcomed with open arms as it’ll greatly compete in an already crowded market – from the sounds of it, the beta is turning out well as pages load up extremely fast and it looks sharp.
source: xda-developers via AndroidGuys


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