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Google’s Nexus One sales disappointing in first week, estimated 20k


Screen shot 2010-01-13 at 9.58.04 PMIt might be the faltering economy, or maybe it’s the lack of a robust marketing effort by Google, or even the distraction of CES when it launched — for whatever the reason, Google’s Nexus One has only sold a dismal 20,000 handsets during it’s first week. In fact, according to analysts Flurry, the myTouch sold three times the number of handsets in week one (60,000), the Motorola DROID sold 12.5 times the number of handsets (250,000) and the third iteration of the iPhone sold a whopping 80 times more (1,600,000). Ouch!

Maybe Google will step up advertising and as more people become aware of the Nexus One, perhaps there will be a surge in sales. Regardless of the reasons and the tepid response from consumers in the first week, it is nice to see Google introduce an unlocked, unsubsidized Android-powered handset to the marketplace to give an alternative to those that want to get their ‘droid groove on without being tied to a carrier contract.

source: Android Authority

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