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INQ Mobile bringing Android phone to U.S.


Screen shot 2009-09-15 at 4.27.19 PMThis is one of those fun little news bits where we don’t have a phone to display – that’s right, it’s pure vaporware at this point – but INQ Mobile has announced that they will use the Android OS as their platform for some new smartphone offerings on their network. INQ is known for creating a social networking-centric experience on their mobile phones, namely with Facebook.

In a recent interview with, INQ CEO Frank Meehan indicated that a highly-customized Facebook smartphone, based on Android, would be offered in 2010. How much will these phones cost? Mr. Meehan is quoted as saying that the pricing range should be around $79-99-199 on two-year-contract range.” Android is a stable, inexpensive, and customizable platform for INQ to take advantage of for their new smartphones. Hopefully we will see something solid soon, and when we do, we’ll report on it right here.

source: Android Authority

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