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Samsung prepares three Android phones for Europe


Here is a quiz – name three manufacturers of Android phones. You are right, it is only HTC that offers phones running the greatest mobile OS, but it seems this is just about to change. We´ve just been tipped off by a reliable source that Samsung is to launch its first Android-powered smart phone on the European market as soon as this June! Recently, the S8000 Cubic (pictured) was rumored to be the first Sammy with Android, but we are not sure if it is the real deal. Still, we are as happy as can be to report that it´s going to be the first, but not the only one – furthermore, two additional models are to hit the shelves in European stores by the end of this year. We’ve no clue what the specs of these phones are, but considering the Samsung’s current line-up, we do expect to see a slim smart phone with 5 to 8-megapixel camera and we certainly keep our fingers crossed that it´ll feature an AMOLED display.

Unfortunately, there is no specific information regarding models for the American market. Still, earlier rumors had it that the Korean manufacturer was preparing a little something for both T-Mobile and Sprint. We hope we see it this year as well.

P.S. You heard it here first!

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12 Responses to “Samsung prepares three Android phones for Europe”

  1. Mike M. says:

    Was this supposed to be a surprise ? lol

    I was expecting this, especially considering Samsung is part of the OHA, so yeah.


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