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HTC Magic passes through the FCC wearing the T-Mobile USA brand and 5MP camera!


When the HTC Magic made its first trip through the halls of the FCC, there was no indication which U.S. carrier was going to pull the handset out of its’ hat. Over a month passes, and now we find the device back at the FCC but this time it is wearing the branding of T-Mobile USA. The phone becomes the first T-Mobile model to pass through the Feds with both the carrier’s 3G and UMA. Other specs include a 5MP camera, although the European version has 3.2MP one, and Wi-Fi. While availability date and pricing have not been mentioned, it looks like this unit has three choices for a name. There is the chronologically correct but sparse G2, the quaint Sapphire, or the mystical name being used in Europe – the HTC Magic. Does any of the names do it for you, or you have a better idea for this smartphone’s title?

source: FCC via Cellphone Signal

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  1. [...] and Wi-Fi. No word on when we can expect some Magic in the States, but not too long ago we showed you the handset wearing the T-Mobile brand while getting thumbs up from the FCC, so it might not be [...]

  2. [...] open source OS could be heading T-Mobile’s way. We recently showed you pictures of a HTC Magic passing through the FCC with the T-Mobile logo branded on the casing. As we reported, European carrier Vodafone plans on shipping the Magic on May [...]

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